Tips for Crime Prevention

Tips on Burglar Prevention

  • Use Motion Lights
  • Leave a Car Parked in the Driveway When You Are Gone
  • Don’t Advertise You Are Leaving (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Put Your Interior Lights on Timers (Preferably Using Multiple Timers Set to Different Times on Lights)
  • Have Your Mail and/or Newspaper Put on Hold or Have Somebody Pick Them Up
  • Have Somebody Put Your Garbage out the Night Before or Day of Garbage Day and replace your garbage can the same day
  • Have A Neighbor or Friend Check for Packages, Pamphlets, etc That May Be Left (Even if You Aren’t Expecting Anything)
  • Lock and Secure ALL Doors and Windows
  • Place a Rod in Any Sliding Doors
  • Lock or Put Away Any Items That May be Visually Appealing to Burglars (Bikes, Lawn Tools, etc)
  • Check with Local Police about Vacation Watches
  • Use Bright Bulbs in Porch or Outdoor Lights and Leave the Lights On
  • Trim Back Tall or Overgrown Shrubs around Doors or Windows

Tips to Prevent Car Burglars

  • Lock your doors every time you leave your vehicle. A vast majority of vehicles that are burglarized have been vehicles that were unlocked.
  • Do not leave your car running unattended even for a minute; criminals are opportunists who love an easy job.
  • Do not leave valuable or even cheap items in plain sight. Offenders often look into vehicles to see if it is worth breaking into. What you think is worthless they may see as some value to them.
  • Car alarms are a deterrent. Yes, they are loud and annoying, but next time this happens, take notice that there are no car thieves around that noisy car.
  • Don’t park your vehicle in an isolated area or an area where others cannot see your vehicle from the street. That sweet, little-known spot in the alley in the back may always be open, but it is also quite private – which is perfect for any criminal.
  • If you park in your garage, make sure you lock your garage door. If you are gone for a while, do not leave your garage door opener inside your vehicle. That gives burglars access not only to your vehicle but also probably to the entire residence.
  • Call the Police when you see anyone suspicious in the area. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Dial 911.