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Structure: Organization and Meetings

The Southeast Urbana Neighborhood Association (SUNA) is led by two coordinators and a Steering Committee.
  • The coordinators are elected at the annual spring meeting. They chair the annual neighborhood meeting and direct the steering committee meetings.
  • The steering committee is made up of 1 to 4 voting members from each quadrant of SUNA plus the Coordinators for a maximum of 18 members.

An annual neighborhood-wide meeting is held in late Spring, usually May. The steering committee meets four times a year, or as needed.


Theresa Michelson  
Email: thmichelson@gmail.com

Pauline Mak
Email:  pmak2206@gmail.com

Kathy Wallig
Email:  kjw1951@comcast.net

Steering Committee
Kanittha Fay, Graeme Gilmore, Eileen Kohen, Nikki O'Brien, Jill Peckham, Mary Kay Pleck, Nancy Uchtmann