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Colorado Avenue Cleanup

At the annual meeting in May 2012, SUNA adopted Colorado Avenue from Anderson to Philo as part of the Urbana Adopt-A-Street program. Steering committee member Michael Pleck organized and assisted other SUNA members in completing SUNA's three obligated clean-ups the first year. SUNA steering committee member Peggy Staske currently is coordinating additional cleanups. Please contact SUNA if you are interested in participating in future cleanups.

May 2, 2015: Peggy Staske, Pauline Mak, Theresa Michelson, Eileen Kohen, Matt Wallig, City Alderwoman Diane Marlin, Cindy Morrison, unnamed helper, and Kathy Wallig (photographer)

Sept 27, 2014: Matthew Staske, Peggy Staske, Eileen Kohen

Sept 27, 2014: Peggy Staske, Theresa Michelson, Eileen Kohen

Sept 21, 2013 Lynn Barnes, Debbie Day, Peggy Staske, Bob Henderson (photo by Theresa Michelson)
 May 4, 2013: C. Donaldson, C. Ritz, M. Wallig, M. Pleck
Oct. 13, 2012: A. Jarvi, C. Donaldson, B. Porter
 June 2, 2012:   M. Jarvi, D. Trail, M. Pleck, C. Diana, S. McDougal
 K. Wallig, K. Farrell, B. Henderson