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Quality of Life: Quick Call List

Everyone is entitled to a peaceful environment and an expectation of respect for one’s property and immediate environment.  When you feel threatened or especially vulnerable by a neighborhood situation, use these phone numbers to inform the appropriate city department. 

For more details, refer to the city of Urbana's reference brochure Common Code Compliance References.

 Issue   Call this phone number
  • Appliances, furniture, mattresses on curb
  • Debris, junk on property
  • Trash bags not in garbage cans  
  • Weeds, grass over 8" 
  • Excessively loud parties, loud music, loud car stereos
  • Upholstered furniture on an open porch, yard, or exterior of a building
  • Dogs running loose, incessant barking, animal abuse (not in progress)
  • More than 4 unrelated persons living in a single residence
  • Excessive or suspicious foot and car traffic around a residence at all times of day and/or night
  • Information about a crime that has occurred and you want to remain anonymous
  • Street repairs, potholes
  • Lighting, residential neighborhoods

  • Inoperable vehicle (not working, expired tags) on private property
  • Vehicle on public streets or public parking lots more than 72 hours
  • Vehicle parked on unapproved surface, such as front lawn or side yard 
  • Crimes in progress or just occurred

Eileen Kohen,
Jun 8, 2015, 11:29 AM